Photo of Sarah Lalk wearing a maroon jacket.
Sarah Lalk: Assistant Clinical Professor, Geography & Geology

Sarah Lalk

Assistant Clinical Professor, Geography & Geology

100A Hilbun Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Dr. Sarah Lalk is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Mississippi State University (MSU).  She obtained her Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in 2016 with a focus on increasing the public understanding of Geoscience factors as they relate to various community members.  Dr. Lalk has been involved the field of science education for over two decades and her specific interest in Geosciences developed while teaching middle school science in Texas.  Her research has included building physical models of earth science concepts/hazards with K12 students and teachers; use of interactive mapping to increase understanding of relationship between earth’s surface and groundwater; and the use of informal learning environments to increase understanding and interest in Geosciences, specifically outdoor field explorations. Part of her research in field education included experiences at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, the Gerace Research Center in San Salvador Bahamas, and multiple years helping teach our online ENGS Masters capstone field class in Western Washington. As part of expanding her research into relationships between communities and the geosciences, Dr. Lalk was selected to be a Fellow with the Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL).  The Carnegie Foundation recognized Mississippi State University’s CCEL program will aid in expanding both her teaching and research interest into community awareness, understanding, and interactions of geosciences related processes and possible environmental hazards.


  • Ph.D., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mississippi State University (2016) “Utilization of Outdoor Resources to Enhance Understanding of Geosciences”
  • M.S., Geosciences, Mississippi State University (2009)
  • B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, Texas A&M University, College Station (2000) Minor - Geography/Social Studies


  • Geosciences Online & On-Campus Instructor, Mississippi State University
  • External Evaluator of Various Learning Environments
  • NSF GK-12 Project Coordinator, Mississippi State University
  • Certified K-12 Teacher – Middle School Science; Science Education Specialist; Project WILD Environmental Education Program

Research Interests

  • Informal Learning Environments
  • Awareness/Use of Outdoor Resources and Community Size/Economics
  • Communities Engaging with the Environment
  • Differences in Community Environmental Impacts
  • ArcGIS Mobile Mapping Tools Supporting Community Needs
  • K12 Geosciences Curriculum & Teacher Professional Development
  • Pedagogical Practices of Geosciences Education – fieldwork, flipped classrooms, physical modeling of hazards & relationships between interior-exterior geomorphology

Teaching Areas

  • GG 4990/6990 – Community Engagement in Environmental Geosciences
  • GR 4253/6253 - Geography of Africa
  • GR 4243/6242 - Geography of Russia
  • GG  4503/6503- Geomorphology
  • GG 4523/6523 - Coastal Environments
  • GG 4333 – Professional Geowriting
  • GG 8203  - Ocean Science (online)
  • GR 8410 – Capstone Field Courses – Western WA & Smoky Mountains
  • GR 1123 – Introduction to World Geography – Honors

Honors/Professional Activities

  • Community-Engaged Learning Fellow, Mississippi State University
  • Certifications: International Baccalaureate; NASA Aerospace Scholar
  • Advanced Presentation Boot Camp for Scientist Communication Certification
  • Active Member: Association of American Geographers; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Geophysical Union; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; National Science Teachers Association; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Gamma Theta Upsilon

Recent Publications

  • Radencic-Lalk, S. Sherman-Morris, K, Nagel, A.O., Rodgers, J.C., 2019.  Individual Awareness of Regional Geosciences Resources and the Potential Influence of Community Size.  American Association of Geographers, Washington, D.C. (presentation)
  • Radencic-Lalk, S., Sherman-Morris, K., Walker, R.M., Schmitz, D.W., Rodgers, J.C., Smith, G.D., McNeal, K.S., 2018.  Evaluation of K-12 Activity Modeling Erosional Processes. American Association of Geographers, New Orleans, LA. (presentation)
  • Radencic-Lalk, S. & Walker, R.W. 2017. Outdoor Inquiry Impacting Classroom Pedagogy: Transferability of Environmental Education Informal Learning and Teaching Strategies. Association of Science Teacher Education Annual Conference, Des Moines, IA. (presentation)

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