Professional photo of Padmanava Dash; wearing a maroon tie and black suit coat against a gray background.
Padmanava Dash: Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing

Padmanava Dash

Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing

109B Hilbun Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Dr. Padmanava Dash is an Assistant Professor in the Department Geosciences at Mississippi State University (MSU). He specializes in ocean color remote sensing, limnology, harmful algal blooms (HABs), harmful microorganisms (pathogens), toxic metals, nutrient flux, biological oceanography and ocean biogeochemistry. His broad research interests include describing the conditions under which water quality issues develop, assessing their ecological impacts, and developing management strategies for their mitigation. His current research focuses on studying water quality issues of inland lakes, estuaries, and bays of Mississippi and Louisiana, and studying ocean acidification in the ocean. His research includes field, laboratory, and in situ, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) and satellite remote sensing research to study various HAB forming species, suspended sediments, colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM), pathogens, toxic metals, and nutrients to enhance the current state of knowledge on detection and mapping of water quality parameters and thus support state and coastal community efforts to manage human health and fisheries.


  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, 2011, Dissertation: Quantitative Mapping of Cyanobacterial Blooms using Oceansat-1 OCM Satellite Data.
  • M.S.,  Bowling Green State University, Department of Geology, 2005, Thesis: SeaWiFS Algorithm for Mapping Phycocyanin in Incipient Freshwater Cyanobacterial Blooms.


  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geosciences, Mississippi State University, 2013-Present
  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology and Environmental Science, Jackson State University, 2012-2013
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Louisiana State University, 2005-2011
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Bowling Green State University, 2003–2005

Research Interests

  • Assessment of water quality
  • Remote sensing of water quality parameters
  • Influence of Land use and Land Cover, and precipitation on water quality
  • Source-tracking pollutants using CDOM and Parafac modeling
  • Coastal Acidification
  • Climate-smart precision agriculture using remote sensing technology

Teaching Areas

  • GR 4333/6333 Remote Sensing of the Physical Environment
  • GR 4343/6343 Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GR 8333 Field Remote Sensing
  • GG 3613 Water Resources
  • GG 3133 Environmental Geology

Honors/Professional Activities

  • Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF)

Graduate Students

  • Saurav Silwal (Ph.D.)
  • Shatrughan Singh (Ph.D.)
  • Sankar MS (Ph.D.)
  • Victoria Cheek (MS)
  • Madhur Devkota (MS)
  • Landon Sanders (MS)

Recent Publications

  • Singh, S., Dash, P., Silwal, S., Feng, G., Adeli, A., & Moorhead, R. J. Influence of land use and land cover on the spatial variability of dissolved organic matter in multiple aquatic environments. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-18. doi:10.1007/s11356-017-8917-5, 2017.
  • Arveti, N., Etikala, B., & Dash, P. Land Use/Land Cover Analysis Based on Various Comprehensive Geospatial Data Sets: A Case Study from Tirupati Area, South India. Advances in Remote Sensing, 5(02), 73, 2016.
  • Maguigan, M., Rodgers, J., Dash, P., & Meng, Q. Assessing Net Primary Production in Montane Wetlands from Proximal, Airborne, and Satellite Remote Sensing. Advances in Remote Sensing, 5(02), 118, 2016.
  • Nagaraju, A., Sreedhar, Y., Thejaswi, A., & Dash, P. Integrated Approach Using Remote Sensing and GIS for Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Hydrogeomorphology in Certain Parts of Tummalapalle Area, Cuddapah District, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Advances in Remote Sensing, 5(02), 83, 2016.
  • Dash, P., Silwal S., Ikenga, J. O., Pinckney, J. L., Arslan, Z., and Lizotte, R. E. Water quality of four major lakes in Mississippi, USA: Impacts on human and aquatic ecosystem health, Water, 7, 4999-5030, 2015.
  • Dash, P., Walker, N., Mishra, D. and D’Sa, E. Atmospheric correction and vicarious calibration of Oceansat-1 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) data in coastal case 2 waters, Remote Sensing, 4, 6, 1716-1740, 2012.
  • Dash, P., Walker, N., Mishra, D., Hu, C., Pinckney, J., and D’Sa, E. Estimation of cyanobacterial pigments in a freshwater lake using OCM satellite data, Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, 12, 3409-3423, 2011.
  • Garcia, A., Bargu, S., Dash, P., Rabalais, N., Morrison, W. and Walker, N. Evaluating the potential risk of microcystins to blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) fisheries and human health in a eutrophic estuary. Harmful Algae, 9, 134–143, 2010.
  • Dash, P., and Vincent R. K. Computer Animation of Cyanobacteria Blooms in Lake Erie from July-October, 2003, As Mapped from SeaWiFS Data with a New Phycocyanin Algorithm, Proceedings of the 16th Pecora Conference on Global Priorities in Land Remote Sensing, Sioux Falls, SD, October 23-27, 2005.
  • Anbazhagan, S., and Dash, P. Environmental case study of Cauvery river flood plain. GIS Development, 7, 12, 30-35, 2003.

Padmanava Dash's C.V.

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