Professional photo of Christa Haney, wearing a pink blouse and dark blazer against a blue background.
Christa Haney: Assistant Clinical Professor, Meteorology

Christa Haney

Assistant Clinical Professor, Meteorology, Climatology & Director of Distance Learning

301A Hilbun Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Christa Haney is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Mississippi State University (MSU). She grew up in the Great Lakes region of Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, where she developed a keen interest in weather & climate at an early age. Christa has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Windsor (Canada) where she completed a thesis studying the effects of El Nino on Tropical Cyclone activity in the Pacific Basin. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Geosciences from MSU in December, 1999  and completed her PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Science at MSU in Spring 2017. Her research interests include weather and human health, weather hazards and perceptions, as well as environmental science and water issues. 


  • Ph.D., Mississippi State University, Department of Geosciences, 2013-2017
  • M.S., Mississippi State University, Department of Geosciences, 1996-1998
  • B.S., University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Department of Geography, 1991-1995


  • Assistant Clinical Professor 2019-present
  • Instructor, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University, 2000-2018

Research Interests

  • Weather hazards and perceptions
  • Weather/climate and human health
  • Water and human health issues

Teaching Areas

  • GR 1123 Intro to World Geography
  • GR 1114 Physical Geography
  • GR 1603 Intro to Meteorology
  • GR 4633 Statistical Climatology
  • GR 4603 Climatology
  • GG 3613 Water Resources
  • GG 3603 Oceanography

Recent Publications

  • Dixon, P. Grady, Mark Sinyor, Ayal Schaffer, Anthony Levitt, Christa R. Haney, Kelsey N. Ellis, and Scott C. Sheridan. "Association of weekly suicide rates with temperature anomalies in two different climate types." International journal of environmental research and public health 11, no. 11 (2014): 11627-11644.

Christa Haney's C.V.

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