Pine tree in the Bahamas
John Rodgers documents the health of the Casuarina (Australian pine) following Hurricane Joaquin on San Salvador Island (December 2015)

John Rodgers & Chris Fuhrmann

MSU Geosciences Faculty Assess Hurricane Damage in the Bahamas

Between late September and early October of 2015, Hurricane Joaquin tracked across parts of the Bahamian Archipelago. One of the islands most affected was San Salvador, located on the east-central side of the island chain.  MSU Geosciences faculty members John Rodgers and Chris Fuhrmann traveled to San Salvador in December 2015 to assess the physical and societal impacts on the island. Their work will help uncover the relationships between the characteristics of the storm (such as track, intensity, duration) and the resulting patterns of infrastructure damage, vegetation disturbance, and storm surge.