National Fossil Day 1
National Fossil Day 1

National Fossil Day 2021 Part 1

Join us for National Fossil Day 2021: Dunn-Seiler Museum's Favorite Fossil Challenge - Part 1

This year we challenged our friends, faculty, and staff to share their favorite Dunn-Seiler Museum specimen with you! We hope you enjoy this four part series and that you will take a moment to vote for your favorite specimen! A new video will be uploaded every day October 4th-7th.

To vote, please email your choice for "Favorite Fossil" to Amy Moe-Hoffman at before the end of the day Tuesday, October 12th. The winner will be announced here Wednesday, October 13th.

In this episode allow yourself to be transported back billions of years with Dr. Paul to days when cyanobacteria dominated the Earth, then journey forward in time with Dr. Athena Nagel-Owen for a glimpse of what the Late Cretaceous Hadrosaur may have sounded like!

Click here to watch the first video!