2017 Earth Day Cardboard Challenge
2017 Earth Day Cardboard Challenge

2017 Earth Day

Cardboard Challenge

The Dunn-Seiler Museum, in partnership with Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi, wants to raise awareness of the volume of cardboard that the US produces and discards. Let’s help Mississippi become a GREENER place by becoming aware of cardboard packaging, and find a better use of cardboard instead of depositing it in a Mississippi landfill!
We challenge Mississippi’s K-12 students to MAKE A DIFFERENCE by finding an alternative, creative use for cardboard!
Individual K-12 students or student groups can design and submit an original, unique item constructed from cardboard that will otherwise be recycled or discarded.
Drop off your entries by 5pm, April 15, 2017 to the Department of Geosciences, 108 Hilbun Hall, Mississippi State University.
On Earth Day, winners of the Cardboard Challenge will be announced for elementary (K-5), middle (6- 8), and high school (7-12) individuals and/or group projects—and awarded with plaques, ribbons, and our special Dunn-Seiler Museum–Gaining Ground water bottles! The winning entries will be displayed at the Geosciences booth at MSU Earth Day, and afterwards in the Dunn-Seiler Museum. Questions? Please contact Renee Clary at rclary@geosci.msstate.edu

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