Lauren's award winning AEG 2016 poster.
Lauren's award winning AEG 2016 poster.

Lauren Parker—winner of the Best Poster at 2016 AEG meeting.

Great work, Lauren! 

At this year's AEG meeting our Department was represented by students Lauren Parker, Courtney Killian, Claire Elizabeth and Dr. Darrel Schmitz.

The AEG annual meeting was in Kona, Hawaii this year. There were technical sessions on dams, hazards, groundwater, as well as a coastal and harbor projects symposium. Geologic tours and field trips around the island were also lead exposing participants to the geology of the Island. Claire presented in coastal and harbor projects symposium.

Lauren Parker was awarded the 1st place for best poster for the whole conference. She received most votes for her poster "Assessment of Fill Time and Potential Interbasin Transfer of Water for Proposed Reservoirs in George County Mississippi" at 2016 AEG Meeting. This is the second year in a row that one of our students have won this award. Last year Jeremy Foote also won this award. Congratulations Lauren!

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